Schwartz & Schwartz, APC



Income Tax Preparation and Planning

We provide income tax preparation and planning for families, their trusts, and their closely-held businesses or investment vehicles. Many of our clients have real estate or private investments, are licensed professionals, are in the real estate or financial services industries, or own their own businesses.


Estate Planning and Gifts

We provide customized estate planning solutions for clients with taxable and non-taxable estates. We prepare basic estate plans as well as more advanced planning solutions, which often involve gifts of assets.


Business Formations and Transactions

We provide tax and business advice to business owners at all stages of a business’ existence. We counsel clients interested in forming a business on the tax and business characteristics of different business forms, such as LLC’s and corporations, we form the business entity, we counsel the business owner on the business’ operations, and we help dissolve businesses when no longer needed. We also represent business owners with regard to purchase and sale transactions.


Trust Administration and Estate Taxes

We represent fiduciaries in trust and decedent administration, which involves timely notifying government agencies and the trust beneficiaries, gathering and valuing assets, preparing an estate tax return (if necessary or appropriate), and assisting with the distribution of the assets to the beneficiaries.


Litigation Support, Forensic Investigations, and Expert Witness Services

We are often retained by other law firms to act as an expert witness or to provide consultation with regard to probate litigation or business disputes. We have a knack for finding concealed fraud or hidden assets.


Fiduciary Services and Business Management

We have extensive experience acting as a trustee or business manager for our clients. Unlike a typical private fiduciary who charges a percentage of assets no matter how much work they do or what they accomplish and then hire an attorney for legal advice or a CPA for tax preparation, we typically charge our hourly rate and provide most services in-house. This billing structure ensures that we are only paid for the time that we spend working for our clients and providing value.


Delinquent and Non-Filed Tax Returns

We represent individuals or businesses who are behind on their tax filing responsibilities and defend subsequent government audits. When tax records have been lost or are incomplete, you need a qualified professional who will help reconstitute and properly report your income and expenses.