Practice Areas

The accounting and legal backgrounds of our professionals allow us to assist our clients with all aspects of their personal and business lives. We like to think of ourselves as our clients' most trusted advisors. Whether we are planning a business transaction, preparing a tax return or an estate plan, or resolving a pressing tax issue, our primary goals have always been to save tax dollars and create value for our clients.

Tax Planning & Business Services
Tax Planning for Individuals and Businesses

We work with businesses and high-income individuals to minimize income tax liabilities through our knowledge of the tax code.

Our typical clients range from real estate/equity investors and self-employed individuals who want sophisticated tax plans to minimize their tax burdens to college professors, retirees, and salaried professionals who want to ensure that they utilize every deduction to which they are entitled.

Although our clients may have varied planning needs and financial backgrounds, all seek to minimize their tax burden and gain peace of mind.

Please call us if you would like us to help tailor a tax plan for your particular situation.

Business Formations and Transactions

We work with business owners who are in the process of forming a business, acquiring or selling a business or its assets, merging with another business, or closing down an existing business.

There are numerous tax and legal pitfalls that can be avoided by consulting a knowledgeable business/tax attorney before you consummate a deal or select your choice of business entity.

Careful business planning can save years of headaches caused by selecting an inappropriate type of business entity or agreeing to a transaction structure without analyzing the tax consequences.

We will consult with you to map out a course of action which will achieve your goals and review or prepare the necessary legal and tax documents that execute and successfully conclude a plan that is uniquely structured to meet your particular needs.

Tax Preparation Services

Income Tax Return Preparation

We can prepare the following income tax returns:

Our clients range from real estate/equity investors and self-employed individuals to college professors, retirees, and salaried professionals. Regardless of the size of our client, we endeavor to prepare the tax returns correctly and promptly, while utilizing all available deductions and credits so that income tax liabilities are minimized. Many of our clients utilize our tax preparation services in conjunction with our tax planning services in order to ensure that their tax plans get implemented and reported correctly.
We can also assist with the following areas:

Gift Tax Return Preparation

We prepare gift tax returns for individuals who make gifts in excess of the annual gift tax exclusion amount or who make gifts to irrevocable trusts and are required to file a gift tax return.

Often times, a gift tax return will be required for our clients who have engaged in sophisticated estate planning or who have completed an intra-family business transaction.

Our professionals' accounting and legal backgrounds allow us to assist our clients with both the planning and tax reporting stages of any contemplated gift or business transaction.

Estate Tax Return Preparation

We prepare estate tax returns for high-net worth individuals who have an estate tax liability or otherwise need to file an estate tax return.

Since estate tax returns are often audited, it is important that you select an estate tax return preparer that will not only accurately report the estate's assets and liabilities, but will seek to minimize the estate tax burden. Typically, the additional effort spent fine-tuning the estate tax return produces tax savings that significantly exceeds the additional professional fees incurred.

Our professionals' accounting and legal backgrounds allow us to seamlessly transition from assisting our clients with their estate planning and trust administration needs to the preparation of the estate tax return.

Miscellaneous Tax/Non-Tax Filings

We also prepare miscellaneous filings for the following government entities:

Estate Planning

We provide comprehensive estate planning solutions to individuals and families. Whether an estate will be subject to estate tax or not, every estate is unique and requires special attention and care. We will meet with you to evaluate your goals and provide experienced legal advice regarding the most effective tools that will best satisfy your needs.

Basic Estate Planning

A basic estate plan is designed to provide estate tax savings and avoid probate administration. A basic estate plan includes the following documents:

We take pride in providing our clients with a complete estate plan, which includes transferring the client's assets into the trust and designating beneficiaries of life insurance policies and retirement plans. Too often, bargain estate planners skip this step, thus frustrating the entire process altogether.

Advanced Estate Planning

In addition to providing basic estate planning services, we strive to preserve high-net-worth clients' assets while minimizing not only their income/estate/gift tax liabilities, but the tax liabilities for future generations to come.

Our clients' specific goals may include philanthropy, removing assets from a taxable estate through gifting techniques, and providing for a beneficiary's special educational, medical, or lifestyle needs. Examples of advanced estate planning techniques include:

Trust and Probate

Whether a family member died with a trust, a will, or without any planning at all, we help our clients navigate the complicated trust administration and probate processes with an eye towards efficiency and a speedy resolution.

For many of our clients, we provide substantial value by minimizing the number of professionals involved in the administration process, as we can concurrently prepare all the legal documents, prepare final individual income tax returns and fiduciary (i.e. trust or estate) income tax returns, and, if necessary, prepare court accountings.

Furthermore, our clients often request us to act as trustee or executor for their trusts and estates in order to streamline the administrative process. We believe that by acting as the lawyer, accountant, and trustee, we minimize professional fees and ensure that the trust or estate is handled with professionalism and sophistication.

Trustee and
Business Management

Whether we prepare your estate planning documents or not, we are available to serve as trustee for life insurance trusts, trusts for children and adult beneficiaries, and special needs trusts.

Unlike a bank that charges a trustee fee equal to the size of the trust assets, we bill for only the work performed. Therefore, trusts with minor activity, such as trusts holding life insurance policies, brokerage accounts, or passive assets, can often be administered for minimal fees, thus preserving more assets for the trust beneficiary.

We are also uniquely positioned to serve as the trustee of a revocable trust for an adult with diminished capacity. We have substantial experience not only arranging nursing care for these incapacitated adults, but also managing their finances and existing businesses.

Audit Representation

We represent clients who are being audited by the Internal Revenue Service, the Franchise Tax Board, or other state taxation authority. We meet or communicate with the auditor, prepare the required documentation to substantiate the audited issue, and then negotiate on our client's behalf, if necessary.

We also solve our client's non-audit tax problems, ranging from the reviewing of tax notices and working to resolve outstanding liabilities to the preparation of Offers in Compromise and Installment Agreements.

Please call us if you would like our help to resolve your outstanding tax problems.

Litigation Forensic

Trust beneficiaries or business owners with minority ownership interests are sometimes taken advantage of by others in a position of authority. However, without professional assistance, it may be impossible for these individuals to accurately verify a "gut feeling" that something is askew.

Our accounting and legal backgrounds allow us to not only assist our clients discover the facts underlying concerns about fraud and misconduct, but they also allow us to testify in court as an expert witness as to our findings.

If you believe that a trustee or a majority business owner is not acting in your best interest, or even if you just have a "gut feeling" that something isn't right, please call us to assist you with your concerns.